About DanDekor
Dansk Dekor-Laminat A/S is a member of the Elektro-Isola A/S group. The group have since 1922 produced thermosetting plastics, including high pressure decorative laminates also known as plastic laminate or just laminate.

That means more than 80 years of expertise and market knowledge in a market where the demands for products changes continuously in line with customers increasing demands for durability, colour and cleanable materials.

Due to the close contact to the market and self-control of the entire production process, specific customer requirements are translated quickly and effectively to new and improved processes and products.

New technology provides new opportunities for optimization of production processes, consistent high quality and flexibility in a production that will live up to fast and reliable delivery. Therefore Dansk Dekor-Laminat A/S is investing continuously in technology that ensures both capacity and quality.

More information about Elektro-Isola visit www.elektro-isola.com