What is a high-pressure laminate

Decorative high-pressure laminates consist of resin-impregnated layers of paper which are pressed together at high pressure and temperature so that they form a hard and homogenous sheet.  The coloured or patterned surface layer is impregnated with a melamine resin, which makes the decorative laminate extremly durable and easy to clean.
Decorative laminates can be produced with different surface structures and in nearly all thicknesses. Additional layers of paper are added to obtain the desired thickness.  

Decorative laminates can be produced in the following grades:

  • Etronit-M HPL
  • Etronit-M Compact laminate
  • Dandekor Woodveneer laminate
  • Etronit-M Alunit
  • Etronit- M Lamination

In Denmark Dansk Dekor-Laminat A/S also distributes the complete collection from Polyrey-France. 




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