Working together
Dansk Dekor-Laminat A/S
wishes to be a partner to the furniture industry, architects and designers in developing and producing applications based on high-pressure laminates, where design and functional aspects are in focus.

Dansk Dekor-Laminat A/S
wishes to offer the market its unique technical competence in the field of high-pressure laminates and to live up to the requiremensts of the market for quality and reliable deliveries.

Dansk Dekor-Laminat A/S
wishes to be organized for flexibility. The organization and the production process must be adapted to the requirements of the market for quick reaction, rapid reconfiguration and swift delivery of both semifinished and finished components. 
Dansk Dekor-Laminat A/S
wishes to utilise the competence of the employees and the potential of the production system in an optimal manner so that customer requirements are transformed into functional applications. 

Development, design and production of high-pressure laminates are our core businesses. 

Dansk Dekor-Laminat A/S - Grønlandsvej 197 - DK-7100 Vejle - Tlf. +45 76 42 82 82  Fax. +45 75 82 71 21