Dansk Dekor-Laminat A/S is a member of the Elektro-Isola group. The group has produced and distributed high-pressure laminates since 1922,  including decorative laminates, also called HPL.

This means more than 80 years of competence and familiarity with market where the requirements for the products change on an on-going basis in step with the customers increasing demands for colours, durability and maintenance-free surfaces.

As a result of our close contact with the market and our own control of the entire production process, the specific customer requirements are transformed quickly and effectively into new and improved processes and products.

New technology gives new opportunities for the optimisation of the production process, uniform, high quality and flexibility in a type of production that has to live up to swift and reliable deliveries. Dansk Dekor-Laminat A/S is thus continually investing in technology, which ensures both sufficient capacity and high quality.

Dansk Dekor-Laminat A/S - Grønlandsvej 197 - DK-7100 Vejle - Tlf. +45 76 42 82 82  Fax. +45 75 82 71 21