Etronit-M HPL

Etronit-M HPL is manufactured in Denmark. The product range comprises standard laminates and laminates produced to specific customer requirements.

Etronit-M HPL is used as surface material in the furniture, ship-building, and railway industries, or everywhere there is a demand for a decorative, durable easy to clean and maintenance-free surface material. Etronit-M HPL can be glued onto chipboard, plywood and many other core materials. The applications can be exclusive or functional, classic or innovative. Etronit-M HPL can be used everywhere. 

Etronit-M HPL is available in several grades: Etronit-M Standard, Etronit-M Standard with light core, Etronit-M Postformable, Etronit-M Fire-retardant. 

Etronit-M HPL is available in a wide variety of colours, patterns and wood imitations suitable for modern architecture. The laminates are also available with different surface structures which support and set off the colours, patterns or wood imitations. 

Advantages of the Etronit-M HPL:

  • Durable surface 
  • A wide variety of colours and patterns 
  • Surface structures for all environments
  • High quality based on thoroughly tested products
  • Direct delivery to the end customer
  • A wide range of design options

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