DanDekor® Woodveneer Laminate

DanDekor® Woodveneer Laminate consists of genuine wood veneer which is laminated together with a resin-impregnated paper core at high pressure and temperature in exactly the same way as ordninary high-pressure laminates. The product therefore combines natural wood with the advantages of a laminate.

The surface is protected with melamine, which makes DanDekor® Woodveneer Laminate  maintenance-free, easy to clean and durable without loosing the natural beauty and glow of the wood. For the production of the DanDekor® Woodveneer Laminate only veneer of the highest quality from the world's leading veneer suppliers is used.

DanDekor® Woodveneer Laminate is therefore particularly suitable as a surface material for components and applications within the furniture and fittings industries, where a genuine wood surface combined with excellent functional properties are desired.

DanDekor® Woodveneer Laminate can also be produced in a postformable and an IMO approved grade.

Advantages of the DanDekor® Woodveneer Laminate:

  • Maintenance-free, easy to clean and durable
  • Combines the natural product wood with the advantages of a laminate
  • No further surface treatment required
  • High quality based on thoroughly tested products
  • Special veneers according to customer demands 
  • A wide range of design options

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