Etronit-M Alunit

Etronit-M Alunit is a construction material for the train and ship building industries, which combines low weight, good mechanical properties and all the advantages of a decorative high-pressure laminate. 

Etronit-M Alunit consists of a high-pressure laminate combined with aluminium. The aluminium gives the low weight and the good mechanical properties. The high-pressure laminate gives the options for design and decoration. Etronit-M Alunit can be produced in all colours and designs in our collection. 

Etronit-M Alunit is IMO approved and also tested according to many other international fire standards.

Etronit-M Alunit is therefore the ideal choice as surface material for panels when building or renovating trains and ships, especially if weight is a big issue. 

Advantages of Etronit-M Alunit:

  • Low weight and good mechanical properties
  • Many colours and designs 
  • Produced with a melamine surface, which makes the surface durable and easy to clean.
  • Fire-retardant according to international standards

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