– the perfect choice - Now Avaiable as B-s1,d0 material too.

Real veneers with all the benefits of high pressure laminate.
Beauty and benefits goes hand in hand with DanDekor REALWOOD Laminate - The perfect choice when you want an exclusive look of real wood, but not the trouble - Get the best features of both worlds.
Real wood, combined with the durability of high pressure laminate and the easy maintenance. Ideal as a surface material on often used locations such as offices, hospitals, banks, hotels, restaurants, shops etc.
RECON for a more homogenous look.
In real wood veneer there are natural variations in structure and colour. Sometimes a more homogeneous appearance is required e.g. at large surfaces such as wall panels or products that will be reproduced again and again.
When using RECON veneers for your DanDekor REALWOOD Laminate, you will achieve a more homogeneous look. RECON veneers are still real veneer, only produced in a more controlled way.
You can choose between 5 different surface structures which gives the veneer its own look.
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When busy places must stay beautiful - DanDekor REALWOOD Laminates is the perfect choice.