The powerful combination of high pressure laminate and aluminium who meet: EN 45545 standard.

Etronit-M Alunit is a construction material that combines low weight, high mechanical strength, fire retardant properties with all the other benefits of a high pressure laminate, including decorative and easy cleaning surface.

1,6 mm asymmetric Alunit construction for bonding applications such as countertops, furniture and panels.

2,1 mm balanced Alunit construction is often used as wall solutions in trains and ships, where low weight and safety is a high priority.

≤ 30 mm Alunit symmetrical construction, consisting alunit panels glued to a wood core material - the ideal material for furniture and interiors where fire retardant materials are required.

Etronit-M Alunit is therefore highly suitable as a construction material in building and renovation of trains and ships, for example in sandwich constructions.

Etronit-M Alunit comes in all colours from our collection, but can also be performed with your own design.



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Etronit-M is tested according to many international fire safety standards

CEN/TS 45 545-2:2009-R1,HL2
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